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  Every since I was a little girl and daddy would let me help him work on stuff, I have loved doing things with may hands.  I think I must have gotten my mechanical tendencies from him because he could do just about anything.   Making earrings was something I started doing while we were full time RVing.  John was a Seasonal Park Ranger so we would spend our summers wherever he got a job.  That left me without much to do, so the jewelry thing seamed like a great idea.  Of course there is not a whole lot of room in a 36' motor home so I did not have the large variety of beads then, but I discovered that I had a knack for it and so I started selling at craft shows whenever I could but never in very large quantities.  I was also grinding stones that we found around the country and making them into cabochons.  I bought a small table top grinder.  Not the fanciest set up, but just fine for doing small pieces and it didn't take up much room.  Those I sold on eBay.

  Since we have settled down, I have expanded my jewelry making and also started dabbling in gourds.  They are so versatile that they are hard to resist.  I soon discovered that there were no good sources for gourds in my area so I decided to grow my own.  The first year I grew Bushel, Birdhouse, Goblin eggs & Dipper Gourds.  They did so well that this year I decided to expand the selection.  Eventually I hope to open a gourd farm, but for now, what I don't use myself I am going to sell at the farmer's market, on eBay and from our website's gourd page.

To see the items that are available for purchase just click on the page link below and thank you so much for visiting our new website.

Have a wonderful day!

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