Building a Home
in New Mexico

     Well, here we go again.  Just seems like we are always building something.  We sold our place in South Dakota in December of 2014 and moved to New Mexico.  Took two trips to do it, but in late January of 2015 we were moved in.  Well, for the most part anyway.  The house had a lot going for it, single story 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 1 acre.  There was a garden shed in the back, and a shop and carport at the north edge of the property.  The only problem?  no storage for stuff like Christmas decorations and misc. stuff that we only rarely used.  The solution?  Build a garage with storage.  And since we were going to do that, we decided to also ad on a 4-season porch with fireplace because we really wanted a fireplace and adding on an entire room with one was a lot easier than trying to retrofit one onto the house.
Shop and carport                                                           house                                                                 garden shed
So here we are.  This is what we had to start with.  I'm sure you already see a difference between this and the header photo.  That's because we decided to put a bit of a barrier between us and the road.  Partially for privacy and partially for a sound wall.  We had a contractor put a block wall in and immediately hated it.  
After a bit of thought we figured out how to improve it.  They had put up just a plain block wall.  And since the ground here is not level, they had to have elevation changes.  But it looked uneven and unfinished.  

So we added another row and evened out the sections.  Then we added flat cap stones to the sides at both ends and the two elevation changes to create "posts".  Also, we decided to jazz it up with tile.  Give it sort of a New Mexico Flair.

Then to top it off we are using a stucco like product that has fibers in it.  It is actually designed to be used on a morterless wall to strengthen it and hold it together.  We are only about two thirds of the way through but had to stop so that we could work on the additions.

We have also started installing a privacy fence around the back yard.  You can see part of it in the background.  You will also note an RV garage.

This is where are at present (12-27-15) with the additions.  We had to close off the garage door openings because of a winter storm warning.  Luckily, it was nowhere near as bad as the weather people said it might be, (at least not here) but we did get a couple of inches of snow.  And if we had not closed up the openings, there would have been that much and more inside the garage and porch.

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