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John's Workshop
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 Ruckus Ridge Farm
Wood Puzzles, Hand made Puzzles, stand up puzzles, wood jigsaw puzzles, animal puzzles

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To see the Puzzles that we currently have available, please visit our Etsy Store.    
I have not yet had time to list the available Puzzles on Etsy.
I will try to get this done as soon as possible.


John's Workshop

Here are some examples of Puzzles that John has made.
~ ~ ~ Stand up Puzzles ~ ~ ~
Stand up puzzles are made from wood blanks that are at least 1" thick
 so that they will stand up when assembled.

Baby Dragon

  Dragon Hatchling



~ ~ ~ Tray Puzzles ~ ~ ~
Tray puzzles are made of wood that is less than 3/4" thick.
They have a 1/4" plywood backing to form the tray back.
This is one of the few times that John puts stain on anything.
Either the frame or the puzzle itself are stained for contrast.

Sitting Cat

Walking Cat


To vew the Puzzles that are currently available, please visit our Etsy Store.

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