Our old place in
 South Dakota


Building a Home

     We moved to South Dakota in May of 2005.  The photo that you see at the top of this page was taken in November of 2005.  It's amazing what we got accomplished in that first year.  The contractor broke ground for the foundation in early October.  The above photo was taken on the 18th of November. Of course we ran into a little snafu just after thanksgiving that first year.  We had just gotten the last truss on the two story addition leveled and secured and decided to stop for lunch.  While we were eating, it started to rain.  And boy did it rain!  We had the sheathing on all but one little short section of wall on the second floor but the footplate alone was enough to keep the water from going over the side.  And since the flow was restricted, the water had nowhere to go but down through the seams between the decking onto the main floor.  We had buckets all over the place, but just when we thought we had it under control, it would start dripping from somewhere else.  
We finally ended up having to drill holes in the floor decking (which was the ceiling of the main floor) so that we could control where the water came through.
     And it did not end there!  That night the temperature dropped big time which of course means that all the water froze.  Well, at least that stopped the leaks.  And then, just to add insult to injury, a blizzard hit.  Oh, Joy.  It turned out to be a good thing that we had not put sheathing on that last wall because we needed somewhere to shovel all that snow out through.  Which we had to do a total of three times before it got warm enough for us to get back up there and install the decking and typar so that it was at least marginally water proof.  
     That was my first winter in South Dakota.  And amazingly enough, I loved it!

As soon as we had the first coat of paint on, we quickly realized that the colors were just too intense, so we added white to the yellow, and white and yellow to the orange, and repainted it.  The 11-08-07 photo shows the first paint job, whereas the 07-25-14 photo shows the toned down version.

A very important note:  In the winter of 2014 we sold the farm and moved to New Mexico.  Trying to hold down jobs and maintain the farm was just too much for the two of us so we decided to retire.  I am leaving this section of the website here for our friends and family who are still curious about what we did to the SD house.

Here are some before, midway and current photos for you. 

Before purchase   (3-23-05)                                                              as of 11-08-07

North facing side                                                 as of 07-25-14  
As you can see, the toned down paint looks much better.

Before purchase   (3-23-05)                                                              as of 11-08-07

East Entry                                                 as of 07-25-14  

Before purchase   (3-23-05)                                                              as of 11-08-07

South facing side
                                                as of 07-25-14      

Before purchase   (3-23-05)                                                              as of 11-08-07 

West Entry
                                                as of 07-25-14

Of course the work actually started before we broke ground.  So maybe I should go back to the beginning with the remodeling of the only existing bathroom.

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