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To see the items that we currently have available, please visit our Etsy Store.

Linda's Creations

  Ever since I was a little girl and daddy would let me help him work on stuff, I have loved doing things with may hands.  I think I must have gotten my mechanical tendencies from him because he could do just about anything.   Recently, I have descovered that my "Birth Mother" was an artist.  So I now realize that some of my artistic ability came from her.  Making earrings was something I started doing while we were full time RVing.  John was a Seasonal Park Ranger so we would spend our summers wherever he got a job.  That left me without much to do, so the jewelry thing seamed like a great idea.  Of course there is not a whole lot of room in a 36' motor home so I did not have the large variety of beads then, but I discovered that I had a knack for it and so I started selling at craft shows whenever I could but never in very large quantities.  I was also grinding stones that we found around the country and making them into cabochons.  I bought a small table top grinder.  Not the fanciest set up, but just fine for doing small pieces and it didn't take up much room.  Those I sold on eBay.

  When we settled down in South Dakota, I expanded my jewelry making and also started dabbling in gourds.  They are so versatile that they are hard to resist.  I soon discovered that there were no good sources for gourds in South Dakota so I decided to grow my own.  The first year I grew Bushel, Birdhouse, Goblin eggs & Dipper Gourds.  They did so well that the following year I decided to expand the selection.  We have since sold that farm and now live in New Mexico.  I did bring some minis with me as well as a few to work on myself.  You can see a list of what is available while they last on our website's gourd page.  Once they're gone, there will not be any more as I will not be growing them here.

 To see the items that we currently have available, please visit our Etsy Store.

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