Maté gourds

Yerba Maté gourds

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Irene, South Dakota


Maté Gourds

I only have a few of these left.
$1 - $1.50 each cleaned.
$0.75 - $1 each uncleaned.
There are not enough of these for bulk discounts.

2013 crop

Here are a few of the smaller ones that I have cleaned.
Notice the beautiful color of the shells

Maté Gourds in the garden.

2012 crop

This is the gourd that is most commonly used for making the special cup used
for the Yerba Mat
é tea

Above pricing does not include shipping.
Shipping is based on package weight and destination zip code.

f you would like to purchase some gourds but are not able to make it out to the farm,
please email Linda at ruckusridge@gmail.com

last updated on 06-28-2014

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