Ruckus Ridge Farm
Irene, South Dakota


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Building a Home
The New Shop
Work on the inside Begins


The Furnace is installed
and we have completed the wiring & Ductwork

We have completed most of the duct insulation.  The rest will have to wait till we go into Sioux Falls to get more supplies.

You can also see here that we have started to install and insulate the ceiling.

I am afraid that I have been remiss in photographing our progress.  Of course this may be a blessing in disguise since those of you who have actually been following our progress are probably starting to get a bit bored with all of them.  Anyway, at this point we have finished installing the ceiling, all of the insulation and the wall panels.  And now John has started painting the ceiling.

Here you can see that there are three small rooms.  This is on the Gourd Shop side.  These are (from left to right) the utility room, a bathroom and a sun room.  The sun room will be used for seed starting and photography.


This is the gourd cleaning area.
Since I have an order to fill, we are going to concentrate on this area for now.

Plumbing is installed.
As you can see, we have not installed it inside the wall as is usually done.  Since we have only used 2x4's for the framing I decided that I would rather do it this way so that outer walls would have their full thickness of insulation.  

And now we have installed a short inner wall to cover the plumbing.  Once the counters are installed, no one will know the difference, and I won't have cold air seeping through onto my legs while I am working.

You will also note that we have started to install the interior doors.

The walls have been painted and the floor installed.  We went to a flooring outlet store and looked at their remnants.  We ended up getting some really nice stuff for a lot less than you can buy the cheap stuff for.

Framing for the counters is installed, counters are assembled and ready to install.  The laundry sink for the north wall did not sit high enough on the legs it came with so John built the little cabinet that you see.  We will let it sit overnight for the glue to dry and install it tomorrow.

The counter skirting has been painted, as well as the base for the Laundry sink and the courters are installed.

At this point we have run into a bit of a problem.  We need a few more supplies before we can actually install the sinks, but we cannot drive anywhere because of the weather.  Basically, we are snowed in.  But things are supposed to improve in a day or two and we will be able to get this part finished.
In the mien time, we will be working on other things like getting the rest of the doors installed, and installing trim.

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