Ruckus Ridge Farm
Irene, South Dakota


The Garage gets a makeover

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Well, it is time to start the last major redo of the buildings.  The Garage.  We bought the siding and roof shingles when we got the materials for the shop, but the inside has to be taken care of before we can start on the outside.  

Here is the inside as it looks today.  John has been working very hard over the last few days, sorting and moving all the stuff that has been accumulating over the last six years.  Not to mention all the rocks that were being stored in there.  So now it is empty and we have started ripping out all the grease and oil soaked workbenches, as well as all the old electrical wiring and nails.  

As you can see, there are two new footings that we did when we had the floor for the shop poured.  This is so we can put in the new center posts in before they pour the new floor.  The current floor is badly cracked so we are going to have a new layer applied on top of it.

    Here you see where we have cut out the old center support.  We have put two temporary supports that are actually sitting on the ground outside the garage so we can have the floor poured.  After it has hardened, we will put in a new center support and one big long header all the across the front of the garage.


This is the east facing side of the garage.  This is the wall that will have the entry door.  As you can see, we have started ripping off the old siding.    Below you see a close-up of one section.  Notice the narrow pieces of wood sandwiched between the two uprights?  These are the ends of old siding.  As with the house, this garage is made up of two separate buildings that have been spliced together.

After ripping off all the rotten siding and part of the sheathing as well, we started replacing the rotten framing.
As with the house, there was no real pattern to distance between studs so in some places we are going to have to put
in nailers.

We have started in on the west facing side.


Finished siding on this side and framed in the extra doors on this side.

Ripped off old siding on South facing side and framed in the other extra door.  Also framed for window and A/C opening.

This is where we were at by the end of the day.

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