Ruckus Ridge Farm
Irene, South Dakota


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    • Removing The Old Barn 
    • Rearranging a few things
    • The new Shop Building

Building a Home
The New Shop
Construction Begins

The contractor came out and broke ground for the foundation on September 15th.

Here you see where they have prepared the bed and have started putting in the forms for the foundation.  They will come back later and do the trenching for the utilities.
I had to work the day they did this, so I was not able to take any photos.  John had already installed all the new plumbing and had done the back fill before I got home.

The foundation has been poured and the forms removed.  Now we need to wait a week for the concrete to cure and we can get started!

Framing Begins

North wall complete

South wall complete, East wall started.

East wall, West wall, and center interior wall complete
and we have started installing the top sill plate.

We will not be putting up any more of the interior walls until the outside is closed up and weather proof.

We finished the sill plates and have installed T braces.
These add strength to the walls
and help keep things square.
Since we were only using 2x4s for the framing, we decided that they would be a good idea.  They have been placed at the corners, and across the outside of the center wall.

Now we are ready to start installing the house wrap and siding.  You will notice that we have not put
any sheathing on the walls.  This is because we will be putting OSB on the interior of the walls instead of drywall.  Between that and the fact that the siding we are using has an OSB core, (not to mention the addition of the T braces) we decided that this would be strong enough since it is only a single story and therefore it was not necessary to add the extra layer.  This also helped to keep our costs down, without loosing structural integrity.

This is where we were at by the end of the day 10-13-10.

Continued . . .

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