Ruckus Ridge Farm
Irene, South Dakota


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    • Removing The Old Barn 
    • Rearranging a few things
    • The new Shop Building

Building a Home
Rearranging a few things

Two things to be exact.  

#1  There is an old grain bin on the property that I have had to look at out of our kitchen window every day since we moved in here.  I wanted to just tear it down and be done with it, but John felt that it was worth saving and kept thinking of things that he could do with it.  He has finally settled on making a gourd dryer out of it, but first it has to be moved.

Now that the old barn is out of the way, it is a little easier for us to decide for sure where we want things to be.   Here is the area just after the old barn was taken out.

We have decided to put the old grain bin next to the tractor shed.  that is the open faced building you see to the right.  The buliding on the far right was once a hog farrowing shed.  We are going to convert that to a Garden shed and it will stay where it is.
The red building will go where the old barn was.  We will be putting in new slabs for the two buildings being moved, but we will do the forms and shaping ourselves on these.  We will have the concrete delivered.  Trying to mix that much concrete by had would be nuts.

Here you can see the new layout.  Notice that the we have already been hard at work on the grain bin, correction "gourd dryer" and the garden shed.
The old shingles have been torn off both buildings.
John did a lot of repair work on the rafters of the gourd dryer before we installed the new roof.
   We only had enough used material to do the gourd dryer, so we have bought new metal roofing for the garden shed.   It will also be getting a new roll-up door.

Anyway, now that the buildings have been moved to their permanent locations, we can get started on the new shop building. . . . . 

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