Ruckus Ridge Farm
Irene, South Dakota


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Building a Home 
Finishing the Stairway

Very little has been done to the stairway since 2005.  Originally, we had hoped to be able to get the basement done before we completed the stairway so that we could lug building materials (and later furniture) up and down the stairs without having the stair rails in the way.  However, in 2009 we discovered that we would have to finish the stair rails before we could get a mortgage.  So far, we had been operating with a revolving equity loan which we had maxed out, partially paid off, and then maxed out again quite a few times over the past 5 years.  So anyway, not to bore you with all the details, we started up working on the stairway again after 1-01-2010.

This is where we were at as of July 2009.

First we had to remove the temporary carpeting.  Then sand, stain and varnish the steps.  We needed to get a couple of coats of varnish on so that when we stained the oak, we would not have to worry about the stairs getting stain on them as well.  We have discovered that even with the best masking tape, the stain will bleed in underneath it anyway.

So here we go . . .


We have started framing in the base on which the footing will rest.  We are doing it this way because this is the way we have seen it done in a number of old Victorian style houses.


                                                         Framing complete

Railings and footings in place                                      


Spindles and spacers installed
Stair rail stained and varnished

And now for the landings and final trim

At this point, the landings consist of OSB over framing.  We will be installing the same oak flooring that we have used on the main floor.

Here you see the raw oak flooring that we have just installed, along with the tools used.


The finished product.

And so here we are.  There is still a little work to be done.  We still need to install the stair runner and rods and a few more trim pieces, but for the most part the stairway is done.

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