Ruckus Ridge Farm
 Irene, South Dakota


Building a Home
The Bookcase

One of the reasons that we decided to put in a built in bookcase, was to hide the ducting that you see here in the righthand corner.  This was the only way that we could get heat up to the upstairs area in the original part of the house.  Originally, there had been a wrought iron grill in the floor of the upstairs that was open to the room below where there would have been a wood burning stove.  This grill was still in place and we used it to cover an intake upstairs.  Then at some point, probably when the furnace was installed in the basement, a wall stack had been added.  This is a rectangular shaped duct that fits inside the wall between the studs.  But since we also needed an intake upstairs, this would not be of sufficient size.  Anyway, after much thought, we decided that this was the best way to get the amount of air circulation that we wanted.  I'm sure you noticed that there is also ductwork in the dining room and the kitchen.

Now for the bookcase.

After taking measurements, we precut and notched the oak plywood out in the garage and brought the pieces into the house for assembly in place.  The base was the first to be installed.  Then we assembled the main part of the bookcase, which was the sides, top & bottom and the fixed shelves.

After making sure everything was square, we attached the back and stood the piece up in place.
We had decided to make it so that the center area could be used as an intertainment center as well as a bookcase, so we installed an electrick outlet and a TV cable outlet.  Although we do not have cable, we did install an antena and used a high quality cable so that if they did ever happen to run cable out to our place, the same cable could be used.

After marking the wall, we moved the unit, cut our holes in the wall and ran the cables.  Then putting the unit back in place and permenantly ataching it and installed the boxes.  We also put in a box (right side of photo) for a dimmer switch.   This will control the lights in the two curio cabinets that will be to the left and right of the main body.  The box you see on the left is just a junction box.  You will aslo note that we insullated one of the ducts.  This is the one that takes heat up to the upper floor.  

I have to appologize again for my camera.  This time in addition to the fisheye affect that I get from the wide angle lense, there was apparantely a smudge on the lense that created a blurry spot on the left hand side.  Unfortunately I took a lot of pohotgraphs this way before I noticed it and fixed the problem.  Anyway, here you see where we have installed the two curio cabinets.  We used OSB for the backing on these because we will be installing mirrors.

I forgot to take a picture of the completed bookcase before we filled it up with books but here it is.
The shelves are adjustable. We figured on one of the new flat TVs when we designed it, and right now all we have is an older model TV so it just sits in front for now.  But our main TV area will eventually be in the Family Room which is going in down in the basement, so this is only temporary anyway.  We still need to put doors on the curio cabinets, but that will have to wait till the oak goes back on sale.

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