Ruckus Ridge Farm
Irene, South Dakota


Building a Home
The Kitchen


This is what we had to start with.  Obviously, we had already made some changes.  The post you see in the center with the lamp hanging from it was put there as a temporary support after we had leveled the floor above as best we could.  Also, you will note the new (slightly different size) window and the HVAC ducting in the corner.  That was the only way we could get heat up to the Master Bedroom.  You will see how we hide this as the Kitchen progresses.

Tear out begins.  (That's me:)  We had originally planned on saving the cabinets to use out in the work shop, but that was not to be.  Where we had built ours to fit and then put them in place, these had actually been constructed in place.  There was just no way that I could get them out in one piece.


New support beam and posts installed

By the way, just in case you were curious as to how we were preparing our meals while we are doing this, we have a temporary kitchen set up in the basement.


Completed tear out and installed additional wall studs.

                            Installed wiring and boxes.

Drywall installed

02-23-08    Drywall taped, mudded and primed.  
New sub flooring installed.  We needed to bring the kitchen floor up to the level of what the new oak flooring would be at once installed.


Underlayment and sheet vinyl installed.

The stack of plywood that you see here is going to be our cabinets.  The OSB was used as a template for the counter tops.

Construction of the cabinets begins.  
                           northwest corner

west wall
the hole you see in the wall with plastic covering it
is going to be the pass-through to the dining room.

         north wall and island

the detail work
this particular cabinet is going to be for a computer so we need to have a power outlet and phone jack. Note our inspector looking on, his name is Purcy.


At this point we have gone into the dining room to start the built-in hutch.  It is necessary to do this at the same time because the counter top from the kitchen will continue through the pass-through into the dining room and become part of the hutch.  So we need to get all the base cabinet work done before we can measure for the them.

Note the inspectors.

the counter tops have been measured and ordered and now we have started work on the upper cabinets.



We have installed oak wainscot as the backing of the open part of the hutch as well as the two side sections which will have glass doors.  The wainscot is bought in tung and groove strips and is installed one piece at a time like flooring.  We looked for the oak bead board which comes in 4 x 8' sheets like plywood, but could not find any.  This way was a lot more work, but it turned our really nice.  The white strip will have a shelve in it.


                                                  The counter tops have arrived!  

started installing face frames.


                     installed shelf and face frames on hutch

stained and varnished cabinets.

Counter tops and appliances have been installed
and we have started using the kitchen even though there are no doors on the cabinets.
There is still a lot of work to be done but I won't go into detail.

We used car siding to make the cabinet doors so we had to assemble them all, then cut them to size.  I stained and varnished them before they were hung since the hardware would have gotten in the way otherwise.  We also built and installed an appliance garage and finished the Hutch in the dining room.  The finished photos are below.

these photos were taken on 12-08-08


The Kitchen is done in Pine - The Hutch in the Dining room is done in Oak

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