Ruckus Ridge
            Irene, South Dakota




Building a Home
Work on the outside continues


Installed the last of the windows on the addition.

Work begins on
The wrap-around porch


Here you see a before picture. You will also notice that in this photo we have not re-framed the window in the gable of the original section.  The main reason that we decided to do that is because of the porch roof.  The window, as you see it here, would have been in the way.  And since octagon windows were quite popular in the Victorian style farm houses of this era, we felt that this would be our best choice.  

So the first thing we needed to do before we could start the porch, was to re-frame this window.

Here you can see where we have re-framed the opening and installed the octagon window.
The porch roof comes up to about the mid point of the blank area just below the window.

We had our neighbor come over with his tractor and a three point auger to dig the footings for the porch.  Then using cardboard forms, we had a cement company bring a load out and fill the forms. While the cement was still soft, we inserted the base plates for the porch posts.  I regret to say that I forgot to take any photo during this portion of the project.

Porch framing complete, porch roof on north facing side complete, working on applying shingles on SE gable.  I should probably mention that we made our own shingles.  There are pre-made shingles, but they are pretty expensive.  What we did was to buy some of the less expensive cement siding that has the wood grain.  We then cut the boards into the desired lengths and dog-eared them.

Note that at this point, we have not yet stripped off the old siding.



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