Ruckus Ridge
 Irene, South Dakota

Building a Home
The Master Bedroom Suite

One thing I had always wanted was a nice big Master Bedroom Suite complete with a large bathroom and walk in closet.  And since we had designed this addition and were doing the work, I figured I could finally make it happen.

The first outline of the design had the closet in the new part to the south of the bedroom and the bathroom in the north facing part of the existing section where we had re-done the roof line.  I had figured on our bathroom being back to back to a guest bath which would be fairly close to the guest bedroom which would be in the upper story of the original section.  The problem was the roof line.  There was no way we could fit a shower in the guest bath and we both really wanted one there.  So, as often happens in building projects, we improvised.  We put the closet in the existing section and put both bathrooms in the new section.  We just had to extend the hallway enough to accommodate the width of the guest bath.   Problem solved.

Anyway, I am not going to bore you with the step by step photos of everything we did.  I will try to keep it short and sweet.  So here goes . . . . .

The wiring, boxes and insulation are in, as well as all the plumbing in the bathrooms.
Drywall installed.
This (above left) will be a walk in closet.  The area you see in the far left of the photo is going to be a (crawl space) storage area.


  Drywall taped and mudded

03-12-06                                                                        03-14-06
after we got the drywall and cement board installed in the bathroom we took a short break to finish the bathroom floor.
We decided to splurge a little at this point and put in a heated floor.  The photo (above left) shows the where the wire has been laid out.  There are four plastic clip strips that run the length of the floor and hold the wire in place.  Then we poured the underlayment out and this covers the wires completely.  Then the tile is installed over that.  The odd little white thing that you see in the upper right hand corner of the (above right) photo is a small instant hot water heater.  We added this because the main water heater for the house is in the basement in the older part of the house.  This little heater gives us hot water right away, and continues giving us hot water till the hot water from the basement reaches it and takes over.  When we did the plumbing for the two upstairs bathrooms, we arranged it so that the hot water for the guest bath also comes through this.

We also took the time at this point to install the tile in the shower.

walls & trim are painted
and wallpaper is up

Light fixtures and ceiling fan installed.

Base unit of Vanities leveled and attached.

Counter top has arrived.
laid out here on the newly installed carpet.
(we had a professional installer come in to do the carpet.)


First night in our new bedroom.
And just in case you're wondering, yes, I did make the quilt.
This was only the second one I had ever made, but I was really happy with the way it turned out.
If I ever get the time, I would like to make matching pillow covers.

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