Ruckus Ridge Farm
Irene, South Dakota


Building a Home
The Bathroom
Completed June 2005

        Before we did anything else, we had to remodel the existing bathroom.  There were a couple of reasons for this.  One, we needed to move the door in order to redo the stairs.  

In order to get in the bathroom you had to go through the doorway that led to the stairs and the door was to the right.  

We were going to have to completely redo the stair area and the existing door to the bathroom would be in the way.

And the other reason?  Well, I will let these photos answer that question.

      upper part of linen closet

                                                       lower part of linen closet 

                       Need I say more?

Now for the after photos. . . . . .

As far as the layout is concerned, very little has changed. The tub, toilet and linen closet are in exactly the same place as before although the toilet has been rotated so that the back is now against the south wall instead of the east wall as before.  The main change is that the sink and the doorway have switched places.  But that was necessary in order to facilitate the new stairway.

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