Ruckus Ridge Farm
 Irene, South Dakota


Building a Home
The Addition

Before we could break ground for the addition we had a lot of work to do.  First we had to remove the little entry room that had been added to cover the entrance to the basement. Then we had to strip all the vinyl siding off the west wall which turned out to be covered in beaver board underneath.  Yuk!  

That done we started the work necessary to  straighten out the odd roof line of the 1920's addition.

  above photo taken 09-21-05

By 10-13-05 we have already ripped off the old asphalt shingles, (two layers), the old decking and removed the old rafters.

We have also put in the wall extension to bring the eve up even with the adjoining roof.


The contractor has dug the whole for the basement and lain the footing for the new walls.

We have also started attaching 2x6s to the existing 2x4 rafters.  We did this so that we could put in thicker insulation but also to help straighten out the old rafters.   We will also be adding a ridge beam, something that was missing before.
Notice the ceiling height of the hallway framing to John's left. John is 5'11".

10-14-05  (left)
The forms for the basement walls are assembled and we have our knee wall in and the new rafters in place.

             Here's a couple views from the inside.
              (above & left)

10-17-05  (below and right)
The walls are poured and we have finished ripping off the old shingles on this side of the oldest part and gotten most of the roof decking installed.

10-20-05  (below and right)
The forms have come off the basement walls and we have finished the decking and Typar and closed off the wall extension.

10-24-05  (right)
The floor has been poured, and we have laid out our two main support beams and the foundation plates and perimeter joists.

10-26-05  (left)
Main floor decking complete

10-30-05  (right)

South facing stripped, re-decked & Typar installed.

10-31-05  (left)
Got the North, South & East facing walls assembled, raised, leveled and attached

11-01-05  (right)
West wall assembled and raised.  All walls attached at corners and interior wall layout drawn out on decking.

11-02-05  (left)
Interior walls assembled, raised and attached.

11-03-05  (right and below)

Wall Sheathing installed on most of three walls

11-05-05  (right and below)
Finished sheathing, installed second floor perimeter joists and start installing floor joists.

11-10-05   (right)
Finished floor joists, installed decking & started assembling walls.

Here's John leaning on part of the East wall.  
I am the shadow.

11-11-05  (right)

East assembly completed, raised and attached. First section of south wall assembled, raised and attached.

11-20-05  (left)
all exterior 2nd floor walls assembled.  And with the exception of one section, they are all up, leveled and attached.  The last section has been left out so that we can bring up all the drywall that we will need for the master bedroom suite.  Sure beat trying to lug them up the stairs one at a time!

11-21-05  (right)

Last section of exterior wall in place and most of the interior walls assembled and installed.

11-23-05  (left)
We have now rented a scaffold and started installing the sheathing on the second story.  We have also brought up some of the roof trusses.

11-26-05  (right)

We have finished the sheathing, except for one short section, and have started raising and leveling the roof trusses.

Note the open section of wall in this photo.(left) The main reason that we left this open was so we would have access to the second floor without cutting through the plastic that was the only thing keeping the elements out of the rest of the house.  It ended up having a very different use however.  A place to shovel snow out through.

11-27-05  (right and below)
Last of the roof trusses installed

It's hard to tell from the photo (left), but that is me up there with the cordless screwdriver in my hand.  (it's actually a drill, but the majority of the time I use it as a screwdriver)  I had been teasing my husband the day before because so far he had not taken a single photo of the work in progress which of course meant that I was not in any of the photos.  I told him that no one was going to believe that I ever actually worked on the house because he was the only one in any of the photos.  So he took this one of me up in the trusses when we were leveling them.  As you can see from my getup, it was cold.  The next day we finished leveling all the trusses just before lunch.  During our lunch break it started to rain so we ended up having to quit for the day.   And boy did it rain.  And since the second floor walls were all in place the water had only one way to go, down through the seams of the floor decking.  We finally had to drill holes in the OSB so that we had at least some control as to where so we could put buckets to catch the water.  Boy was it a mess.

The next day a blizzard hit and we were without power for 13 hours.  We found out later that there were other areas that were without power for up to 5 days, so we counted ourselves fortunate.  
11-29-05  (right)
It was the 29th before we could finally get back up to the second floor.  This is what greeted us.

Finally wormed up enough so that we could go up and get the roof decking installed.  Prior to that it had been sub zero temperatures.  Try nailing in that!
BTW, in case you're wondering about the dust mask, it helped keep me warm.  It wasn't much over 30 degrees that day.  But the sun was out and it was workable and we needed to get it done.  It had already snowed twice more since the blizzard and I was getting tired of shoveling snow.

Finally got it done.  All the roof decking installed and the Typar laid.   We also cut the holes in the sheathing where the windows were framed and went ahead and installed the sheathing on that last section of wall.  Now we are accessing the second floor by ladder through a window opening.  The plastic sheeting is still in place.

Got the first floor and the south gable wrapped. I know, stuff is supposed to get wrapped before Christmas but hey, you know how it is.  It was to big to fit under the tree anyway.

Finished the house wrap and started installing windows.


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